Friday, 5 September 2014

Birthday Wish List

So it's my birthday in 10 days and I turn 22 ahhh so I'm doing a typical birthday wish list. Normally every year I struggle with things that I'd like to receive but this year I have 6 things that I am really lusting after. Typical me they are makeup items and the odd clothing because no girl can ever have too much makeup and clothes right?!

Starting off with makeup. The 3 lip products have been ones I have wanted for a LONG time, the Tom Ford lipstick in Wild Ginger has been on top of my 'I need and must have' list for as long as I can remember. The fact its that beautiful orange toned red just makes me want it even more - I'm a sucker for a any kind of red lipstick. They are all my fave.
Next is the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks, again Ruby is a red so how could I miss not including that and a beautiful Coral shade which is called Coral. It would be the perfect every day colour.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Perfume.. This is a perfume I always spray on myself when in House Of Fraser. So many times I have almost brought but never have so I thought why not ask for my birthday?

Last Clothes. Every year I always get clothes so I picked two things I know I would love. Surprise black bottoms this case black ripped jeans and a shirt. Typical me! The colour of this shirt is beautiful and would look good under a jumper, with leggings, tucked in to jeans, with or without a tan.
Then the bag, I have wanted a ruck sake for month but never find one I like till I saw this beauty. Its a tan colour which makes a change as I love black bags, its small but can carry enough in and its under £40.

Even if I don't receive anything I am just so happy to be spending the day resting with my loved ones and having cake :)
I have a few blog posts coming up next week so my blogging is back on track yayyy!!


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

R A N T . U P D A T E & R A M B L E

 So if you follow me on twitter (if not then why not?! haha click here to follow me on twitter) then you would of heard me mentioned that after I had my operation I would be back on the blogging game.  I really have missed blogging but I just had the biggest writing blogging block ever!! I just couldn't figure out the words to start a post or make it sounds perfect. So I thought why do I need to make a blog post sound professional in a way or that it needs to have the perfect start.. Why not just be myself because at end of day a blog is a personal thing and is a way for the interweb to see the real me in a type text form kinda way.  I may not make sense and I may just ramble on but thats me. So here I am now wanting to type every part of my life on my blog.

Lets start things off I finally had my operation and oh my am I in pain. I knew it would hurt but if anything its discomfort more than anything I will save the horrid details but I have a video going up on my channel later this month explaining all about it as I have been asked to talk about especially as having a hip problem at the age of 21 is not the most heard of thing.

So while I am off work for a while I am on a planning mission for post for my blog I want to do so much different things.  Lifestyle, beauty, fashion, hauls and even baking or even diy things. Anything and everything I just want my blog to be something where I can ramble and update or talk about what every I feel that week.
Im not going to ramble on because I have covered what I needed to I think but I will be back In a few days with my next post. Oh I have missed blogging

Monday, 26 May 2014

May's Video Round Up | Youtube.

So every month Im going to start doing monthly favourites and video round ups here on my blog.
I always do monthly favourites on my channel and I feel like I need to start bringing them over here too so thats what I am doing. I also want to do a weekly ootd post too so let me know if you would like me to start doing these. But anyways today's post is all about the May video round up so you never miss a video. Also I just wanted to mention that I am almost at 11,000 youtube subscribers eeekkkk :)


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