Monday, 18 November 2013


Well this seems very odd typing up a blog post when I have been so missing in action for the last few months on my blog but to all those who are still following me hello have you missed me? I have no reason as to why I haven't posted on here I think I have just been so busy with my youtube, work, having problems with my hips and being so run down that life basically came in and took over for a while but I am back (we see how long this lasts haha) I want to focus more on my blog because to me, my youtube is doing really well I mean it was highly commended in the Cosmo blog awards - Umm how on earth did that happen? To all of you that voted thank you so so much.

I will start off with an updated. I am very open with my life I like to be able to chat to you all as if we are all friends so you can see the real me and not the small 10% you see through a post/video. If there is anything about my life you would want to know I will tell. So I am going to tell you about all the things that has happened in my 'itssimplybeauty' bubble. Well Im in a new relationship (well that happened 6 months ago but ya know) I thought I wouldn't really mention it yet because I though I keep it hush hush for a while and because I am not wanting to jinx anything because I am really happy and very happy with how my life has been over the last few months. I have grown up a lot since being in a new relationship I met his parents which is a massive deal for me. I am very very shy and it took me 4 months to meet them haha but its nice feeling being accepted and having another family like you. I go shopping on my own which again is a massive thing thats changed I could say I have gained more confidence which I am so happy about!!

What else happened I am still working in the place I have always been since starting youtube/blogging my lovely paint factory I am still trying to get my way in to the beauty community but its just not happening right now which is sad! I turned 21 in september which is amazing, feels so good to be treated like an adult now finally haha although I am still a kid in peoples eyes. I am going through a lot of x rays and scans at the moment due to having hip problems. If you follow me on twitter then you will know that a few weeks maybe even a month ago I was tweeting about being in pain a lot and finally I went to the doctors and found out I have something called shallow hips and it may even have effect the development in my bones as now the doctors are worried about how my legs are shaped and the way my right leg goes in when I stand up. But Im fighting through it but it has caused me to get very run down and had to take time off of work which sucks but hey i am worrier at times.

I have other news which I can't say yet but Im so excited! and In december/january I am moving yayy so I can start my 2014 fresh and new. I will be having a beauty room which oh my god I can't wait to have eeekkk. But other than that yeah thats all thats happened. Im just super excited for the next few weeks. Oh yeah is anyone attending the clothes show this year? I will be there on the 6th so come say hi :)

So what I actually wanted to blog about was plans for my blog..
I am going to be mixing it up beauty, make up, fashion and lifestyle. I like random posts like this where I can just type my feelings and thoughts out and get things off my chest. I love me some beauty and make up products so of course thats here to stay and to spice things up I will post an outfit post once  a week!!

Ok so I am going to go before I bored you all to death. Hope your all well and speak to you in a few days :D oh how I am excited to be blogging again.

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  1. Woohoo... Look whose back :)
    Glad you've decided to blog again as well as youtube! <3

    Lots of love xxxx


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