Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Midori For Models Own & GIVEAWAY!!

Hey everyone so look who is back its me! Im back on the blogging wagon so so today I thought I would tell you a little something about these gorgeous polishes from Models Own called Midori* which are limited edition plus your chance to win one yourself. 
As you can see from the colours they are green based, so you have a glitter, a duo chrome and a plain polish but one thing that is really cool about these polishes is that they are scented!

I know Models Own have brought out scented polishes before but to me they wasn't scented all but these really so have a scent to them and they are actually quite nice.
These are only sold in a set of 3 which can be a good or bad thing. I love the duo chrome and the glitter but i'm not a massive fan of the lime colour, but thats only because this shade of green is not my cup of tea but when paired with glitter on top then its much nicer to wear.

The sent is a really nice melon scent and even when its dry you can still smell it which is rather impressive. This has to be one of the nicest scent polishes I have come across so big thumbs up Models Own for this Midori Collection. Below are swatches of all 3 colours on there own and then paired with the glitter which is called Mirror ball.

My Midori

The great thing about buying all 3 of these together is that they are all scented which is amazing because even though you can buy 2 of the polishes separate they wont be scented.
Now on to the giveaway part.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sorry if this post seemed a tad rubbish but just hang on in there until I get back in to the swing of blogging again. I have been MIA for a long time. But I am planning some fashion posts and loads of other things for my blog so hopefully it will be back to 'goodish' again :) xx


  1. I like Dancing Queen the best

  2. Wow these look amazing! I love the lime green, such a great colour :) fingers crossed! X

    Heidi x

  3. Colors are perfect for this period of year and for summer too

  4. Great giveaway, that duochrome polish looks fun!

    Sophie x

  5. dancing queen, im all about the glitter lol

  6. I loooove dancing queen! The glitter should suit on top of most polishes :) x

  7. Hi, loved the blog!
    my favourite is the Dancing Queen polish! good luck everyone with the giveaway xx

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  9. I love dancing queen. It's such a lovely nail polish!

  10. love dancing queen :) i have a thing for glitter polishes at the moment

  11. I love the Dancing queen it's extra pretty.


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